Favorite Music: Relient K, The Beatles, CCR, Vitamin String Quartet, Motown, Classic Rock, Linkin Park, Nirvana, and just about everything else with very few exceptions

Favorite Books: Delivering Happiness, Harry Potter, Living on the Edge, Getting Things Done, and the Bible

Favorite Movies: My top five, in order: A Goofy Movie, Back to the Future (all three), Stranger than Fiction

During free time I… usually think of productive things to do (I’m bad at resting). When I can get away from my thoughts, though, I definitely enjoy watching movies or playing video games.

Favorite Memory: Proposing to my wife – she thought she was throwing me a surprise birthday party, but in actuality I was throwing her a surprise engagement party.

A Brief History: I have been a fan of art and design my entire life. In sixth grade (when I was 12) my parents bought me my first computer and with that I became quickly fascinated with the internet. Throughout middle school I explored web design and graphic design, producing my first commercial site at the age of 13. In college I studied photography, worked as a print designer, and continued to pursue the web on my own terms. Early into my college career I became involved with His House Christian Fellowship and became deeply rooted into using my talents to serve Christ as well as others. It was through His House that I met my wife (sort of). We were married after graduation and now live together happily in our West Michigan home.

Oh, and “rzen” is pronounced “risen”, in case you’ve been wondering.

Originally from: Carson City, MI