Four Years after our Robbery

Today marks four years since I was robbed.

Someone entered my home, presumably between 12-6am while I and the rest of my family were sleeping, and liberated the premises of my LEGO collection. And nothing more.

I wrote a blog post on the day of the theft to catalog some things and hopefully find the person(s) responsible. I wrote a follow-up post a year later to share that, yes, we were able to re-purchase everything and, no, we still had no idea who did it.

They didn’t rob our house. This wasn’t a random attack in a random neighborhood.

They robbed me, personally. 

And that’s the part that has stuck with me the most over these past 4 years. Someone whom I had invited into my home at some prior point in time, a person who had met me and maybe knew me well, chose to steal from me. 

Now, this was not the first time I’ve had belongings stolen from me.

I had a bike stolen once, when I was still a teenager. That stung a little. As an adult, I had my winter coat stolen off a coat rack while I on college campus for ministry work. That was cold, literally and figuratively. It was a bummer, too, because my car key was in the pocket and I had to spend something in the realm of $300 to replace that.

I didn’t take the coat theft so personally, though. Someone needed a winter coat badly enough to steal mine. Or they needed money badly enough to sell it, knowing full well they were leaving someone else in the cold (albeit temporarily). I hope they’re doing alright.

But this time was different. This was an extremely specific and targeted theft.

The stuff they took is largely irrelevant. Precious to me and my family, maybe, but it was only stuff. Insurance made it possible to replace the entire collection. Kind donors gifted our family with more LEGO than I can count. Our home, neighborhood, and town continue to be as safe as they ever were. Still, things continue to feel different.

I have not slept the same these past four years. I routinely wake up to bumps in the night. Some nights I’ll hear something as I’m falling asleep, get a full adrenaline dump, and be awake for another 30 minutes or more.

I want to know who they were to me before they slipped out of my life forever. I would like to know what was going through their mind before, during, and since. It would be great to get some closure.

What they stole was LEGO, but what they took from me was peace of mind.

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