The Future of Cell Networks

Several years ago (3 or 4) I conjectured that we would soon see the day that cellphone networks would drop their complicated plan archetypes that melded limitations on voice and text and data (which are all just fundamentally data, by the way) in exchange for a simpler, singular [Plan]. Well, it sounds like that day is nearly upon us. Looking at the graphic above, and clicking through it to the story on Engadget, it’s clear that Verizon, at least, agrees with me.

They are adding a “Share Everything” plan, in which your only limitation is how much data you want to allot to your devices collectively. You have “unlimited” text and voice (though they’ll probably count the data you use on both), AND you cas share this allotment with up to 10 separate devices simultaneously. Granted, they’re not eliminating all their other plan offerings, but I suspect in time they will wain in popularity to the point of extinction.

Friends, the future is upon us.

P.S. The first company to simply call them the “[Company Name] Plans” wins

(Source: Engadget)

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